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BtcTouch is an investment fund that manages assets in the cryptocurrency markets

The main profit comes from short-term trading during sharp price fluctuations. Also, we apply hold strategies to major cryptocurrencies, namely Bitcoin, Ethereum and others.

Investment Plan

per day 4,77%
Deposit withdrawal fee10% Referral program5%
Investment Amount
Your Profit $0.00
Number of days

For Partners

Referral program

The BtcTouch Foundation is looking for active partners who know how to work for the result. For our part, we can guarantee quality and stable income for both you and your partners. Remuneration for work is 5% of referral turnover.

Referral commission up to
For Partners

Why choose BtcTouch?

We have been successfully working for about two years

Our motto is stable profit for many years

The best team on the market

We sincerely believe that our foundation has brought together the best representatives of the industry

We pay dividends consistently

Trust is earned for a long time and quickly lost. Therefore, every investor receives payments quickly and on time

You can withdraw your deposit at any time

Withdrawing a deposit at any time with a commission of 10%

How to start making money with us?

Top up balance
and make
a deposit
Invite friends
to the project
Withdraw earnings